Paiute Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP02-410-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 120 First Revised Sheet No. 120 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 120







17.1 Purpose: (Continued)


capacity and information about the status of requests. Paiute will

update and maintain this information on its Electronic Bulletin

Board. The Electronic Bulletin Board is available at Paiute's

designated Internet Web site at Persons

who wish to utilize the Electronic Bulletin Board, to comment on

The Electronic Bulletin Board, or to make inquiries about the

information posted on the Electronic Bulletin Board, should contact

Paiute at the following address to obtain detailed access and

log-on information:

Paiute Pipeline Company

5241 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89150

(702) 876-7178


The Electronic Bulletin Board will include the following features:


(a) The ability for a Shipper to download a file;


(b) A daily backup of information displayed on the board, which

information will be accessible for review for at least three

(3) years;


(c) A periodic purging of information on completed transactions

from current files;


(d) The display of most recent entries ahead of information on

completed transactions from current files;


(e) An on-line help and an on-line search function that permits

users to locate all information concerning a specific

transaction; and


(f) The procedures for backup, archiving and retrieval will be

explained on Paiute's Electronic Bulletin Board, and amended

as necessary.


(g) A display menu that permits Shippers to separately access

notices of available capacity and the transportation log.


(h) A list of user and access fees.


17.2 Information to be Posted:


Paiute will make the following information available to users on

its Electronic Bulletin Board: