Paiute Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 12/07/2003, Docket: RP04- 51-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 56B Third Revised Sheet No. 56B : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 56B






1. DEFINITIONS (Continued)


1.60 "Schools" means service to a facility engaged primarily in

delivering instruction to regularly enrolled students in attendance

at such facility. Facilities used for both educational and non-

educational activities are not included under this definition

unless the non-educational activities are merely incidental to the

delivery of instruction.


1.61 "Shipper" means a party which executes a Service Agreement with

Paiute under one of the rate schedules contained in this tariff.


1.62 "Summer Daily Reserved Capacity" is defined as the largest daily

quantity of natural gas that Paiute is obligated to receive in

total from Shipper at the Receipt Point(s) for firm transportation

under Rate Schedule FT-1 during the Summer Period.


1.63 "Summer Period" means the seven (7) consecutive month period from

April 1 through October 31 of each calendar year.


1.64 "Thermally Equivalent" means an equal number of Dth.


1.65 "This tariff" means Paiute's effective FERC Gas Tariff, Volume No.



1.66 "Transportation" means the receipt of gas of Shipper at the Receipt

Point(s), and the delivery of thermally equivalent quantities, less

Gas Used by Paiute, to Shipper or for Shipper's account by Paiute at

the Delivery Point(s).


1.67 "Winter Period" means the five (5) consecutive month period from

November 1 through March 31.


1.68 A Package ID is a way to differentiate between discrete business



1.69 An Operational Flow Order is an order issued to alleviate conditions,

inter alia, which threaten or could threaten the safe operations or

system integrity of the transportation service provider's system or

to maintain operations required to provide efficient and reliable

firm service. Whenever a Transportation Service Provider experiences

these conditions, any pertinent order should be referred to as an

Operational Flow Order.