Gas Transmission Northwest Corp.

Third Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 01/01/2007, Docket: RP06-407-005, Status: Pending

First Rev Second Revised Sheet No. 138 First Rev Second Revised Sheet No. 138 : Pending

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 138







18.3 Creditworthiness (Continued)


(D) Creditworthiness for Interruptible Transportation Service



(3) (Continued)


(a) Guarantee: Shipper may obtain a guarantee of financial

performance in a form satisfactory to GTN from a corporate

affiliate of the Shipper or a third party, either of which

meets the creditworthiness standard discussed above. For

these companies, the credit limit will be based upon the

financials of the guarantor. A form of guarantee is

available on GTN's Internet website. If during the term of

service the guarantor does not meet the creditworthiness

standards discussed above, then GTN may request additional

credit assurances as described in (a) through (e) below if

GTN agrees to release the original guarantor of all

obligations at the time Shipper provides the additional



(b) Cash Options: A Shipper may provide cash as security for

service via cleared check or wire transfer. Shippers may

provide either of the following forms of cash security:


(i) A cash security deposit up to the maximum amount of

the services that may be provided in any three-month

period under an interruptible Agreement. Such cash

security deposit will remain in place to allow

continued service under Shipper's IT Agreement(s).

Cash security deposits will earn interest at the FERC

interest rate consistent with Section 154.501 of the

Commission's regulations. Interest will be paid by

GTN on an annual basis each September 1 or at the time

Shipper's deposit is returned due to either a return

to creditworthiness by Shipper or the expiration of

Shipper's Agreement(s).