Gas Transmission Northwest Corp.

Third Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 10/06/2003, Docket: RP04- 23-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 112 Original Sheet No. 112 : Effective




3. QUALITY OF GAS (Continued)


3.2 Quality Tests (Continued)


(c) Tests shall be made to determine the total sulphur,

hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and oxygen content of

the gas, by approved standard methods in general use in

the gas industry, and to determine the hydrocarbon

dew-point and water vapor content of such gas by methods

satisfactory to the parties. Tests shall be made

frequently enough to ensure that the gas is conforming

continuously to the quality requirements. Shipper shall

have the right to require GTN to have remedied any

deficiency in quality of the gas and, in the event such

deficiency is not remedied, the right, in addition to

all other remedies available to it by law, to refuse to

accept such deficient gas until such deficiency is





4.1 Installation: Unless GTN and Shippers agree otherwise,

all gas volume measuring equipment, devices and materials at the

point(s) of receipt and/or delivery shall be furnished and

installed by GTN at Shipper's expense including the

tax-on-tax effect. All such equipment, devices and materials

shall be owned, maintained and operated by GTN. Shipper

may install and operate check measuring equipment provided it

does not interfere with the use of GTN's equipment.


4.2 Testing Meter Equipment: The accuracy of either GTN's or

Shippers measuring equipment shall be verified by test, using

means and methods acceptable to the other party, at intervals

mutually agreed upon, and at other times upon request. Notice

of the time and nature of each test shall be given by the

entity conducting the test to the other entity sufficiently in

advance to permit convenient arrangement for the presence of

the representative of the other entity. If, after notice, the

other entity fails to have a representative present, the

results of the test shall nevertheless be considered accurate

until the next test. If any of the measuring equipment is

found to be registering inaccurately in any percentage, it

shall be adjusted at once to read as accurately as possible.

All tests of such measuring equipment shall be made at the

expense of the entity conducting the same, except that the

other entity shall bear the expense of tests made at its

request if the inaccuracy is found to be two percent (2%) or

less. (Continued)