Questar Overthrust Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 04/25/2007, Docket: RP07-360-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 112 Original Sheet No. 112 : Effective




2. Making another comparable showing that the negotiated

rate contributes more to fixed costs on the system than could have been

achieved without the negotiated rate.


(c) Overthrust shall also have the right to seek discount

adjustments in future rate cases at the greater of (a) the negotiated-rate

revenues received or (b) the discounted recourse-rate revenues that otherwise

would have been received under a pre-existing Part 284 service agreement.


31.5 Bidding for Firm Capacity. Overthrust and Shipper may negotiate,

and post for competitive bidding, a rate that exceeds the applicable maximum

reservation rate. If competing bids under § 7 of the General Terms and

Conditions reflect different rate forms, i.e., negotiated rates vs. recourse

rates, Overthrust shall award the capacity, or portion, using the evaluation

criteria of § 7 of these General Terms and Conditions; the negotiated

reservation charge reflected in such evaluation criteria may not exceed the

maximum applicable recourse rate. Overthrust will calculate this value based

only on the reservation charge or similar guaranteed revenue stream.


31.6 Agreements Subject to the Right of First Refusal. For purposes

of § 9 of these General Terms and Conditions, the highest rate that a Shipper

must match in order to continue to receive service is the maximum rate set

forth on the Statement of Rates that is applicable to such service. For

purposes of evaluating bids under § 9, the value of the bid will be based

only on the reservation charge or similar guaranteed revenue stream.


31.7 Capacity Release. Overthrust and Shipper may, in connection with

their agreement to a negotiated rate under a firm transportation rate

schedule, agree upon payment obligations and crediting mechanisms in the

event that capacity release provisions vary from or are in addition to those

set forth in § 8 of these General Terms and Conditions. This provision, in

and of itself, does not allow Overthrust and Shipper to negotiate the terms

and conditions of service.


31.8 Capacity Scheduling. For purposes of allocating capacity under §

15 of these General Terms and Conditions, a Shipper paying a negotiated rate

that exceeds the maximum rate for that service will be considered to have

paid the maximum rate for such service.