Questar Overthrust Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 04/25/2007, Docket: RP07-360-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 94 Original Sheet No. 94 : Effective




16.8 Balancing at Service Agreement Termination. Following the

termination of its agreement, Shipper shall correct any remaining cumulative

imbalance in receipts and deliveries within 30 days after notification by

Overthrust that an excess or deficiency exists. If at the end of the 30-day

period there remains an imbalance that has not been eliminated by Shipper,

Overthrust shall purchase or sell Shipper's imbalance inclusive of the ±10%

imbalance tolerance and cashed out pursuant to § 16.5 above. Excess revenues

will be credited according to § 16.6 above.


16.9 Unauthorized Receipt or Delivery of Gas. If a Shipper delivers

gas to Overthrust or takes gas from Overthrust and (i) has made no nomination

under an existing service agreement or (ii) has no valid service agreement,

then Overthrust may impose the unauthorized overrun charge set forth on the

Statement of Rates. In addition, upon determination that such unauthorized

action has been taken by a Shipper, Overthrust may take action to terminate

such unauthorized use of its system.


16.10 Imbalances with Other Parties. Overthrust shall not be

responsible for eliminating any imbalances between Shipper and any other

party, including without limitation any volume imbalances that accrue between

distribution companies and specific end users or between producers and

distribution companies or end users. Furthermore, Overthrust shall not be

obligated to adjust or deviate from its standard operating and accounting

procedures in order to alleviate any such imbalances or deficiencies.


16.11 Third Party Imbalance Management. Overthrust will allow shippers

to obtain imbalance-management service from a third-party provider (TPP)

subject to the following:


(a) All transactions involving the physical payback of gas or

trading of imbalances on Overthrust's system must comply with the terms and

conditions of Overthrust's tariff.


(b) The trading or curing of imbalances may only involve

procedures that are provided for in Overthrust's tariff.