Northwest Pipeline Corporation G P

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/20/2009, Docket: RP09-227-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 259 First Revised Sheet No. 259

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 259






(a) Any firm Shipper (Releasing Shipper) is eligible to release

all or any part of its firm transportation capacity, defined, with

respect to Rate Schedules TF-1, TF-2 and TFL-1, as capacity

between primary receipt and delivery points, for use by another

party (Prearranged Replacement Shipper or Replacement Shipper) for

a minimum term of one (1) day and a maximum term not to exceed the

remaining term of the Releasing Shipper's firm Service Agreement.


(1) If a Shipper wishes to temporarily release a part of

its capacity and Transporter determines that such a release

could create operational problems (such as reducing

Releasing Shipper's ability to respond to an OFO pursuant to

Section 14.15 of the General Terms and Conditions), then

either (i) Releasing Shipper must amend its Service

Agreement to incorporate a contract-specific flow

requirement on its retained capacity that would enable

Transporter to duplicate the displacement capacity available

under the Releasing Shipper's Service Agreement as it exists

prior to such release, or (ii) Releasing Shipper must

condition its release on the Replacement Shipper or

Prearranged Replacement Shipper being subject to a

contract-specific flow requirement on its newly acquired

capacity, or (iii) the Replacement Shipper's Service

Agreement must indicate that it is subject to recall in

accordance with Section 22.2(a)(2).


(2) If Replacement Shipper's Service Agreement indicates

that it is subject to recall pursuant to this Section

22.2(a)(2), and if Transporter provides notification that

issuance of a general OFO under Section 14.15 is imminent,

then Releasing Shipper either (i) must recall sufficient

capacity from the Replacement Shipper prior to the Evening

Nomination cycle following notification from Transporter to

reinstate Releasing Shipper's pre-release ability to respond

to a general OFO, or (ii) take other action that is

acceptable to Transporter to satisfy such OFO obligation.


(3) If a Shipper wishes to permanently release only a part

of its firm transportation capacity, such Shipper's

aggregate MDQs and aggregate MDDOs must be released by the

same percentage as the Contract Demand is released. Shipper