Northwest Pipeline Corporation G P

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/31/2008, Docket: RP08-130-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 143 Original Sheet No. 143 : Effective



Firm Lateral Transportation (Continued)


8. SEGMENTATION (Continued)


open season for available capacity posted under Section 25 of the

General Terms and Conditions, or (ii) is associated with a concurrent

request by Shipper for the construction of new or upgraded facilities

under Section 21 of the General Terms and Conditions to create the

requested receipt and/or delivery point capacity.


8.2 Transporter will permit nominations of forward hauls up to

Contract Demand and backhauls up to Contract Demand on the Designated

Lateral to the same point at the same time for segmented capacity.


8.3 Segmentation without Capacity Release. A Shipper that wishes to

segment its capacity into separate parts for its own use is subject to

the same procedures as apply to the temporary capacity release of

segmented capacity under Sections 22 and 23 of the General Terms and

Conditions except that the Shipper's release of capacity to itself will

always be non-biddable. Such transactions will be treated as temporary

capacity releases with the Shipper acting as both the Releasing Shipper

and the Replacement Shipper. New Service Agreements will be executed

with the Shipper for all new segments. Such Shipper also is

specifically subject to the following:


(a) Capacity between a Shipper's primary receipt point(s) and

primary delivery point(s) on the Designated Lateral may be

segmented into separate Service Agreements for a Shipper's own

use, provided that such segmentation is operationally feasible and

provided that firm capacity is available at and between the

designated points.


(b) Contract Demand under any Service Agreement

created as a result of segmentation may not exceed the

Contract Demand under Shipper's Service Agreement as

it existed before the segmentation.


(c) Each Service Agreement will have a primary receipt point and

a primary delivery point on the Designated Lateral, but Shipper

will have the right to use any available alternate receipt and

delivery points on the Designated Lateral on a secondary firm

basis, with a scheduling priority consistent with Section

14.1(d)(i) of the General Terms and Conditions of Transporter's