Northwest Pipeline Corporation G P

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/31/2008, Docket: RP08-130-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 138 Original Sheet No. 138 : Effective



Firm Lateral Transportation (Continued)




if volumes exceed a certain level), volumes of gas transported

during specific time periods, and volumes of gas transported from

specific receipt points and/or to specific delivery points, or

within specific corridors. A load factor based discounted

reservation rate may be computed by dividing the reservation

revenues payable pursuant to a volumetric formula by Shipper's

Contract Demand; i.e., the discounted daily reservation rate would

be equal to a stated amount per Dth times the actual daily load

factor for Shipper's use of its Contract Demand.


(b) Under the Section 3.6(a) load factor based discounted

reservation rate option, a minimum average load factor provision

also may apply. In that event, the monthly reservation charge

under Section 3.2(a) will be equal to the greater of (i) the sum

of the daily reservation rate charges calculated using the stated

amount per Dth and Shipper's actual daily load factors or (ii) the

sum of the daily reservation charges calculated using the stated

amount per Dth and the specified minimum average load factor.


3.7 Negotiated Rate. If Transporter and Shipper mutually agree to a

Negotiated Rate for service hereunder as provided in Section 19 of the

General Terms and Conditions and set forth such rate in the Service

Agreement, the charges established by such Negotiated Rate will apply.

In addition to any such Negotiated Rate, Shipper will pay any applicable

charges identified in Section 3.1(b), plus the ACA surcharge component

of the volumetric charge otherwise applicable to Scheduled Quantities

under Rate Schedule TFL-1.




4.1 The Transportation Contract Demand is the maximum quantity of gas,

expressed in Dth, that Transporter is obligated to receive (exclusive of

fuel reimbursement furnished in-kind pursuant to Section 14 of the

General Terms and Conditions), transport and deliver for Shipper on a

firm basis on any one Gas Day, as specified in an executed Service

Agreement for service under this Rate Schedule. Transporter's service

obligation is limited to Shipper's Contract Demand as adjusted for any

released capacity pursuant to Section 22 of the General Terms and