Northwest Pipeline Corporation G P

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/31/2008, Docket: RP08-130-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 117 Original Sheet No. 117 : Effective



Deferred Exchange of Storage Gas (Continued)




Service rendered under this Rate Schedule is subject to fuel

reimbursement in accordance with Section 14 of the General Terms and

Conditions. However, if Transporter offers to provide Rate Schedule

DEX-1 service in accordance with Section 2.2 of this Rate Schedule and

no bids are submitted, or if the total quantity bid is less than the

total Deferred Exchange Quantity needed, Transporter may post an offer

to provide Rate Schedule DEX-1 service for the Deferred Exchange

Quantity for which no bids were received, and the fuel reimbursement

requirement for that quantity will be waived.




5.1 General Procedure. During the Deferred Exchange Period,

Transporter will deliver the Deferred Exchange Quantity at the Daily

Delivery Quantity reflected in Exhibit A to Shipper's Service Agreement,

subject to any withdrawal limitations at the Deferred Exchange Storage



5.2 Shipper may request Transporter to deliver the Deferred Exchange

Quantity during a time period other than the Deferred Exchange Period

specified on Exhibit A of the Service Agreement or to increase or

decrease the Daily Delivery Quantity specified on Exhibit A. Such

requests will be accommodated if Transporter, in its sole discretion,

determines that accommodating such requests will not jeopardize the

operational integrity of its system and will not interfere with firm

service to other Shippers.


If Shipper is unable, for any reason, to accept all or any portion

of the Deferred Exchange Quantity under the terms specified in Exhibit A

of Shipper's Service Agreement, then Shipper will reimburse Transporter

for any penalties and/or additional charges related to the Deferred

Exchange Quantity that Transporter may incur. Further, upon expiration

of the Deferred Exchange Period or any mutually agreeable extension

thereof, Transporter will take title to any remaining Deferred Exchange

Quantity, free and clear of any claims by Shipper.