Northwest Pipeline Corporation G P

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/31/2008, Docket: RP08-130-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 106 Original Sheet No. 106 : Effective



Firm Redelivery Transportation





8.1 General. To the extent that Transporter receives annual overrun

charges as specified in Section 3.5 associated with services provided

under this Rate Schedule, Transporter shall credit one hundred (100)

percent of such revenues to its eligible firm transportation Shippers as

further described below.


8.2 Applicability. Revenue credits from Annual Overrun Charges

received by Transporter shall be provided to Transporter's Rate

Schedules TF-1 (Large Customers) and TF-2 Shippers (applicable firm

Shippers), excluding Shippers receiving service at a discounted firm

transportation rate or under a Capacity Release Service Agreement.


8.3 Timing of Credits. Within 30 days after the accounting closing for

September of each year, Transporter shall determine the total amount of

the applicable Rate Schedule TF- Annual Overrun Charge revenues received

during the twelve-month period ending September 30 of such year and the

distribution of the revenue credits due to eligible Shippers as

described below. Such revenue credits shall be reflected as a credit

billing adjustment to the next invoices rendered to the eligible

Shippers. In the event that such credit billing adjustment would result

in a credit total invoice to any Shipper, Transporter will refund the

excess credit billing adjustment to the Shipper in cash within 15 days

after determination of the amount of the credit due to the Shipper.


8.4 Exclusion. Revenue credits shall not be awarded for that portion

of revenues associated with Annual Overrun volumes that relate to the

recovery, by Transporter, of volumetric transportation charges.


8.5 Distribution Method. The revenue credits shall be credited to each

eligible Shipper on a pro-rata basis in proportion to the reservation

revenues received during the twelve-month period ending September 30 of

the applicable year from each applicable firm Shipper divided by the

total reservation revenues received from all applicable firm Shippers

for the same period. Such reservation revenues shall include the

reservation charges which the applicable firm Shippers pay prior to the

distribution of all revenue credits, but excluding reservation charges

applicable to capacity which was released into Transporter's capacity

release program during the twelve-month period ending September 30 of

the applicable year.