Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/9999, Docket: RP07-330-000, Status: Accepted

Third Revised Sheet No. 453 Third Revised Sheet No. 453 : Pending

Superseding: Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 453




Shipper's Name and Address for Notices:







Shipper's Name and Address for Invoices:







This Agreement supersedes and cancels the following System

Management Service Agreement(s) between the parties hereto: ________



The parties agree that a facsimile or other electronic version of

this document, when properly executed and transmitted, shall be

considered for all purposes to be an original document, and shall be

deemed for all purposes to be signed and constitute a binding

agreement. The entire agreement must be faxed or transmitted to

Northern. Upon Northern's acceptance and execution, an executed

copy will be returned via FAX to the number appearing on the faxed

offer or such other number as directed or otherwise electronically



This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties

with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and shall be

binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto

and their respective successors and assigns. No promises,

agreements or warranties additional to this Agreement other than as

may be contained in Northern's FERC Gas Tariff will be deemed to be

a part of this Agreement nor will any alteration, amendment or

modification be effective unless confirmed in writing by the




ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The additional Terms and Conditions

and Appendix "A" attached hereto are incorporated herein by

reference and made a part of this Agreement.




and Shipper have agreed in writing in advance, this Agreement shall

be deemed to be executed and shall be binding for all purposes if

(1) Shipper nominates under this Agreement; or (2) Shipper has not

notified Northern in writing that it declines this Agreement within

two (2) business days of the date of the Agreement.



This Agreement constitutes a contract with Northern Natural Gas

Company subject to the Terms and Conditions and Appendix "A"

attached hereto.



Northern Natural Gas Company [Shipper]



By: _________________________ By: _________________________


Title: ______________________ Title: ______________________


Date:________________________ Date:________________________