Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/9999, Docket: RP07-330-000, Status: Accepted

Sixth Revised Sheet No. 403 Sixth Revised Sheet No. 403 : Pending

Superseding: Fifth Revised Sheet No. 403




Amendment to [insert proper rate schedule] Service Agreement

(TF, TFX, LFT, GS-T, TI, SMS, MPS, IDD, PDD, & FDD Rate Schedules)


Shipper Name: ___________________________ Date:_________


Contract No.: ____________________________ (Agreement)


[If applicable] Amendment No.:_______________


[When applicable - Related Segmented Firm Throughput Service Agreement Contract Nos.:_________

(Insert Applicable Contract No. References) _______ _______ _______ _______]



The above-referenced Agreement is amended [if applicable, for the period [insert amendment start date]

through [insert amendment end date] as follows:




[If applicable; for background purposes - not to include binding consideration] Whereas clauses as

necessary. [If Whereas Clause] NOW THEREFORE, the Agreement is amended [[if applicable] for the period

[insert amendment start date] through [insert amendment end date]] as follows:



[If applicable] This Amendment supersedes {insert amendment(s) or agreement(s) or that all amendments or

agreements are being superseded}.


Applicable paragraphs not necessarily in this order.


1. [rate provisions]


2. [If applicable - Information related to changes in volumes, term, and receipt and/or delivery



3. [If applicable] In addition to the above rates, Shipper shall pay [include applicable surcharges or

all FERC approved] surcharges applicable to service hereunder as of the effective date of this

amendment [and any other surcharge(s) which are made effective after the effective date of this

amendment and applicable to the service provided hereunder].


4. [If applicable] In no event shall the rates exceed the maximum rate or be less than the minimum

rate authorized under Northern's FERC Gas Tariff, as revised from time to time. In the event the

rates agreed to pursuant hereto are or become greater than the maximum or less than the minimum

under Northern's FERC Gas Tariff, as revised from time to time, then Shipper agrees that Northern

will immediately decrease the rate(s) herein down to the maximum or increase the rate(s) herein up

to the minimum. In such event, other rate components may be adjusted upward or downward to achieve

the agreed-upon overall rate, provided that the resulting rate component shall not exceed the

maximum rate or be below the minimum rate applicable to the rate component.


5. [If Applicable] Other Provisions Permitted By Tariff Under the Applicable Rate Schedule and

pursuant to Section 58 of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Northern's FERC Gas Tariff:



6. The parties agree that a facsimile or other electronic version of this document, when properly

executed and transmitted, shall be considered for all purposes to be an original document, and

shall be deemed for all purposes to be signed and constitute a binding agreement. The entire

agreement must be faxed or transmitted to Northern. Upon Northern's acceptance and execution, an

executed copy will be returned via FAX to the number appearing on the faxed offer or such other

number as directed or otherwise electronically transmitted.