Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/9999, Docket: RP00-404-007, Status: Accepted

Second Revised Sheet No. 260A Second Revised Sheet No. 260A : Pending

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 260A







Intraday nominations from a Shipper's effective FDD, PDD or IDD accounts will

be scheduled subject to the storage parameters and available throughput

capacity. If feasible, nominations throughout the gas day will be recognized

to the extent they can be scheduled and confirmed. For firm service any such

Intraday nomination may not result in Shipper exceeding its MDQ. Shipper may

nominate volumes in excess of the MDQ, but such nomination would be subject

to the terms and conditions of the TI Rate Schedule.


Northern shall have the right at any time to limit acceptance of a Intraday

nomination on a non-discriminatory basis if system integrity will be placed in

jeopardy. Such limitations may include, but are not limited to, a requirement

that a receipt and delivery point must be either both in the Field Area or both

in the Market Area. Any such limitation shall be posted on Northern's

Electronic Bulletin Board with its justification.





(a) Scheduling


Firm Throughput Services at Primary Points shall be scheduled

first and shall be given the highest priority. Firm Throughput

Service at Alternate Points shall be scheduled next, before

flowing interruptible volumes. Nominations received after the

nomination deadline will be scheduled after the nominations received

before the nomination deadline.


In the event capacity must be allocated on part or all of

Northern's system, then on the respective part of Northern's

system, Firm Throughput Services shall be given the highest

priority for scheduling purposes. Therefore, Northern will

schedule firm throughput customers' volumes in accordance with

the provisions of Section 19, "Limitations on Northern's

Obligation to Provide Firm Service" of the "GENERAL TERMS AND



Northern will use shipper-provided path priorities and rankings when

making reductions during the scheduling process, when the path

priorities and rankings do not conflict with other provisions within

Northern's tariff.


In the event more than one firm Shipper nominates the same alternate

delivery point, the point will be allocated for scheduling purposes

among the firm Shippers nominating the alternate delivery point on a

pro rata basis. Scheduling priority for firm service at an alternate

delivery point will be before interruptible service but after firm

service at a primary firm point. A Shipper using a primary point and

nominating prior to the nomination deadline, will be scheduled prior

to interruptible service. Shippers using alternate delivery points

may bump TI Shippers at any time in accordance with Section 28,

"Nominations" of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this Tariff.

Bumped TI Shippers will retain flowing gas priority rights within the

month when capacity becomes available if they continue nominating

volumes at the point.