Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/9999, Docket: RP00-404-007, Status: Accepted

Sixth Revised Sheet No. 226 Sixth Revised Sheet No. 226 : Pending

Superseding: Fifth Revised Sheet No. 226








A. General


1. In the event a curtailment must be effected, the smallest affected

area will be localized beginning with individual points, followed

by an operational zone, Market/Field Area, and up to the entire

system, in that order. Curtailment will proceed in the following



(i) TI will be curtailed on the basis of lowest price first.


(ii) Firm service at primary or alternate points will then be

curtailed on a pro rata basis.


2. If Shipper takes gas in excess of the volume of gas authorized for

delivery on any day Northern has ordered reduced deliveries, Shipper

shall be subject to a penalty for takes of gas in excess of the

authorized volume, without any tolerance. The penalty shall be equal to

the Punitive DDVC rate set forth on Sheet No. 53. Penalty revenues

shall be credited to Shippers in accordance with Section 57 of the



3. If TI receipt point volumes continue to flow during a curtailment at

Northern's request, such volumes during such curtailment will not be

subject to receipt point scheduling penalties.


4. Northern shall also have the right to reasonably limit supply

service and/or reduce receipts or deliveries of natural gas in

conjunction with the throughput capacity under Throughput Service

Agreements on part or all of Northern's system according to the above

1) to permit maintenance, repair, overhaul, replacement or construction

of pipelines, compressors, metering, regulating and other production,

and transmission facilities and equipment; 2) to assure the

availability of capacity for receipts or deliveries equitably under

Northern's firm Rate Schedules included in this Tariff in cases where

natural gas does not conform to the quality specifications contained in

the Tariff. Northern shall provide Shipper reasonable advance notice of

routine maintenance, repair, overhaul or replacement.


5. Northern shall have the right on a nondiscriminatory basis to restrict

the hourly takes of gas by the Shipper in the Market Area to 6.3% of the

entitlement plus any excess volumes authorized under the Firm Service

Agreement. Such restrictions may be ordered by Northern, when necessary

in Northern's judgment to maintain operational integrity, and shall be

complied with by the Shipper.


6. Upon reasonable request of Shipper, Northern shall furnish

information and copies of affidavits with respect to curtailments of

Firm Service ordered under the provisions of this Section.