Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1995, Docket: RP96- 2-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 211 First Revised Sheet No. 211 : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 211



and then analyzing the sample using a gas chromatograph.


On-Site Gas Chromatograph. On-site chromatograph sampling

directly from a representative source and analyzing



System Gas Chromatograph. Gas chromatograph sampling

directly from a representative source and analyzing

continuously. The results are then applied to all other

locations on the system that are representative of the sample



Spot Sampling Frequency. Mutually agreed upon frequency

(monthly, quarterly, etc.)


Meter. Gas delivered by Northern to the Shipper/Purchaser shall be

measured by an adequate meter or meters of standard type.

The responsibility for meter installation, operation and maintenance

shall be as mutually agreed between the parties. When more than

one meter is used for measurement of gas delivered to the

Shipper/Purchaser, the term "Meter" shall be construed to

mean and include all such meters used for that purpose.


Receipt and Delivery Point Operator Flow Information Systems.

Receipt and Delivery Point Operators may, subject to Northern

specifications and at the operators' sole expense, install flow

information systems at Northern's facilities sufficient to provide

daily flow information. Such equipment shall be operated and

maintained as agreed to between Northern and the Operator. Receipt

and Delivery Point Operators who have installed flow information

systems may provide such information to Northern in accordance with

the established parameters, for use in compiling daily imbalances

and daily service charges, subject to reasonable verification. To

the extent the facilities become outdated and are no longer in

compliance with Northern's specifications, the Receipt and Delivery

Point Operators shall be so notified by Northern, and may install

replacement facilities. If the replacement facilities are not

installed within a reasonable period of time, Northern will

discontinue accepting data from the outdated facilities and begin

using Northern's data.


Equipment Testing. At reasonable intervals, Northern shall test

and adjust to within measurement tolerances all equipment used in

making the determination of factors used under the provision of

this Section. Such equipment shall, at all reasonable times, be

subject to test or an inspection by a representative of the

Shipper/Purchaser in the presence of a representative of Northern.


The Shipper/Purchaser shall test, at reasonable intervals, all

Shipper/Purchaser equipment used for measurement of gas where such

measurement enters into the measurement computations and shall at

the time of the tests, adjust such equipment to record accurately.

Northern's representative shall have the right to witness such

tests, or at reasonable times at Northern's election, to test and

inspect such equipment in the presence of the Shipper/Purchaser.