Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/21/2009, Docket: RP01-223-004, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 145 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 145 : Pending

Superseding: Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 145








Interruptible Deferred Delivery Service




gas released for Interruptible Deferred Delivery Service. Shipper's volumes

must be transported from Shipper's account under Rate Schedule TF, TFX, VFT,

LFT or TI and Shipper shall specify in its nomination under such Rate

Schedule(s) the deferred delivery point as the receipt point.


To the extent allowed by the parameters of the Shippers' IDD accounts,

Shipper may upon advising Northern, transfer title to gas in their IDD

accounts, with no additional injection or withdrawal fees.


Deliveries to and receipts from Shipper's account under this Rate Schedule

shall be subject to interruption as provided herein. Transportation service

required to effectuate service shall be subject to all restrictions and

conditions set forth in Shipper's Throughput Service Agreement and

Throughput Rate Schedule.





The Interruptible Deferred Quantity (IDQ) shall be the maximum daily volume

of natural gas, specified in Shipper's IDD Service Agreement that Northern

may accept for service under this Rate Schedule. Shipper shall not be

permitted to exceed the IDQ established except as permitted below.



In addition to the IDQ, the Shipper will agree to a maximum total quantity,

as set forth in the Service Agreement, which will limit the total amount in

the Shipper's account at any time.



Authorized Overrun - On any day Shipper, or its Designee, may nominate

volumes for service in excess of its IDQ.






Service under this Rate Schedule shall be subject to interruption under the

terms of Shipper's Throughput Service Agreement with Northern. Any

limitations imposed by such Rate Schedule shall have