Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/26/2009, Docket: RP09-930-000, Status: Pending

14 Revised Sheet No. 135D 14 Revised Sheet No. 135D

Superseding: 13 Revised Sheet No. 135D



Firm Deferred Delivery Service


C. Capacity Release



An FDD Shipper may utilize Northern's capacity release mechanism to permanently or

temporarily release all or a portion of its FDD capacity for any or all of the periods for

the remaining term of the FDD Agreement, pursuant to the applicable terms of Section 47 of

the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this Tariff. If only FDD storage capacity is to be

released, then the release can be only on the same period basis. If the releasing Shipper

wishes to release both FDD storage capacity and the related storage gas, the acquiring

Shipper must take both the FDD storage capacity and the related storage gas. The release

may be effectuated at any time during the periods, subject to the released FDD capacity

continuing to be used according to the terms for the assigned FDD capacity.


D. Injection Period



Shipper shall be entitled to nominate a quantity of natural gas for injection up to its FDQ at

an available designated storage point during the Injection Period as specified in Shipper's FDD

Service Agreement. Upon acceptance of such nomination by Northern, Shipper shall deliver to

Northern quantities scheduled for FDD service. However, Northern may refuse to schedule any

nomination which would cause the Shipper's FDD Account Balance to exceed its FDD quantities as

specified in the FDD Service Agreement.


Shipper shall specify any of the following designated storage points (hereinafter referred to

as storage point) as its injection and withdrawal storage point:


Ogden MWP/Hockley Transwestern Halley

Demarcation Westar Carson Linam Ranch

Permian Pinnacle Lea WTU/San Angelo

Mid-Continent WTU/Rio Pecos Golden Spread/Mustang Station

Westar Hale Ventura


Oasis Waha CIG Dumas TW/NNG Gray

El Paso Plains Pleasant Valley Transok Arapaho

Arkla Redmoon Westar Reeves ANR Greensburg

Lonestar Spraberry PEPL Mullinville Enogex Custer

Cheyenne Plains CIG Garden City Westar Seagraves

Enbridge-Pampa Valero Spraberry

ONEOK Westex Moore El Paso Keystone

Pony Express (Tescott)

Mustang Station Unit 5


In addition to the storage points listed above, there is a storage point associated with

each Mileage Indicator District (MID) as set forth in Rate Schedule MPS.


Quantities received by Northern from Shipper shall be considered transported by Northern,

pursuant to the upstream or downstream Firm or Interruptible Throughput Service Agreement,

to the storage point and held in an account for Shipper.