Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2007, Docket: RP07-648-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 126 Third Revised Sheet No. 126 : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 126


Firm Throughput Service




This Rate Schedule is available to the Market Area Small Customers with

daily firm entitlement of 5,500 Mcf or less for the firm transportation of gas

that received service pursuant to Northern's Rate Schedule GS on May 18, 1992

(Grandfathered, as shown on Sheet No. 510), whether such gas is purchased from

a third party supplier or under Rate Schedule SF, pursuant to a firm GS-T

Throughput Service Agreement by Northern under the following terms and



a) Shipper has executed a Firm GS-T Throughput Service Agreement ("GS-T

Agreement") in the form contained in Northern's FERC Gas Tariff;


b) The throughput service shall be subject to all of the terms and

conditions contained in this Rate Schedule and the "General Terms and

Conditions" of this Tariff;


c) Shippers under this GS-T Rate Schedule must utilize the GS-T firm

entitlement at the designated TBS delivery point(s) as of May 18, 1992 or

delivery points for that same community. The GS-T service must be fully

utilized prior to any TI services for that GS-T Shipper or any party as

agent for the GS-T Shipper. TF firm entitlement may be utilized prior to



d) Shipper who has a GS-T Agreement shall also be eligible to purchase

SMS, Northern's no-notice throughput service.


e) Shipper shall have the option to request firm throughput service (i)

solely for the Market Area, (ii) solely for the Field Area, or (iii) a

combined service for both the Market and the Field Area. The

Shipper's ability to utilize primary and alternate flexible receipt

and delivery points is determined by which option is chosen by the






Separately stated GS-T Market Area and GS-T Field Area rates, as shown on

Sheet No. 53 of this Tariff, shall apply in accordance with the GS-T

Shipper's agreement(s) described in 1 above.


In addition, the GS-T Shipper shall pay the daily delivery variance charge,

overrun charges, out-of-balance charges, penalties, surcharges, and any other

applicable charges as set forth in this Tariff.





GS-T Agreements entered into with GS customers shall retain any unilateral

rollover right (grandfathered rollover right) contained therein or contained in

a GS customer's existing TF agreements. However, should a Shipper request a

rollover of an agreement which contains grandfathered rollover rights for less

than the term of the original GS-T agreement, or a rollover at less than

maximum rates, then the MDQ shall be subject to the Right of First Refusal

process described in Section 52 of The GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this

Tariff. If a Shipper under an agreement containing a grandfathered rollover

right requests a rollover of less than the MDQ, then only that portion of the

agreement for which a rollover was requested will remain subject to the

grandfathered rollover right. The remaining quantity shall be subject to the

Right of First Refusal process.