Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/16/2010, Docket: RP10-976-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 125A Fourth Revised Sheet No. 125A

Superseding: 2 Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 125A



Limited Firm Throughput Service




This Rate Schedule is available for transportation of natural gas

pursuant to a Limited Firm Throughput Service by Northern Natural Gas

Company ("Northern") under the following terms and conditions:


(a) the limited firm throughput service shall be available year round in the

Field Area and in the Market Area;


(b) Northern determines that sufficient unsubscribed firm capacity exists to

provide the Limited Firm Throughput Service requested by Shipper;


(c) Shipper has executed a Limited Firm Throughput Service Agreement ("LFT

Agreement") of the form contained in Northern's FERC Gas Tariff;


(d) the limited firm throughput service shall be subject to all of the terms

and conditions contained in this Rate Schedule and the "GENERAL TERMS

AND CONDITIONS" of this Tariff; and


(e) the transportation of natural gas within the MDQ under the limited firm

throughput service shall be on a limited firm basis.


(f) Shipper who has a LFT Agreement shall also be eligible to purchase

from Northern no-notice throughput service pursuant to Rate

Schedule SMS-System Management Service.




Subject to the provisions of this Rate Schedule LFT and the "GENERAL TERMS

AND CONDITIONS" of this Tariff and subject to Northern's right not to

schedule service in whole or in part on any day (a "Limited Day") for any

reason, but not more than a maximum number of Limited Days (not to exceed

ten (10)) per month agreed upon by Northern and Shipper in the LFT Service

Agreement ("Maximum Number of Limited Days"), service within the MDQ

rendered under a LFT Agreement shall be on a limited firm basis of a

transportation quantity referred to as the Maximum Daily Quantity ("MDQ").

MDQ is the total volume of natural gas specified in the LFT Agreement that

Northern is obligated to transport on a daily basis from the Point(s) of

Receipt to the Point(s) of Delivery.


Shipper shall have the option to request limited firm throughput service

(i) solely for the Market Area, (ii) solely for the Field Area, or

(iii) a combined service for both the Market and the Field Area. The

Shipper's ability to utilize primary and alternate receipt and delivery

points is determined by which option is chosen by the Shipper. A Shipper

with a combined Market and Field Area service agreement may not transfer a

primary firm receipt or delivery point from the Field Area to the Market

Area for the term of the LFT agreement.


Northern shall schedule each Shipper's nominations in accordance with

Sections 28 and 29 of the "GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of this Tariff.

Unless otherwise mutually agreed, Northern will notify each Shipper(s)

twenty-six (26) hours prior to a Limited Day by e-mail if Shipper's Gas Day

will be a Limited Day under this Rate Schedule. The order for determining a

Limited Day among similarly situated LFT Shippers shall be based on:

1) lowest price will be limited first; 2) the LFT Shipper(s) with the

greater number of remaining Limited Days second; 3) and then pro rata. In

the event of a Limited Day, Northern will post 1) the LFT Shippers on its

website who were similarly situated, 2) among those similarly situated, the

LFT Shippers who were affected, and 3) the reasons for the limitation.