Northern Natural Gas Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/2009, Docket: RP10-186-000, Status: Effective

56 Revised Sheet No. 66A 56 Revised Sheet No. 66A

Superseding: 55 Revised Sheet No. 66A




Rate Negotiated Other Receipt Delivery

Shipper Name Schedule Rate Charges Volume Point(s) Point(s)

----------------------------- -------- ---------- ------- ------ -------------- --------------


Verasun Charles City, LLC TFX 23/ 10,000 NBPL/NNG Verasun Charles City


NNG Demarcation

Ogden Deferred Ogden Deferred

Delivery Delivery


Agri-Waste Energy, Inc. TFX 26/ 500 Agri-Waste All Market Area

Contract 113129 Energy Delivery Points


East Fork Biodiesel, LLC TFX 29/ 984 All Market Area East Fork Biodiesel

Contract 112744 Receipt Points Zone ABC-MidAmerican

Homeland Energy



Verasun Hartley, LLC TFX 30/ 10,000 NBPL/NNG Ventura Verasun Hartley

Contract 113108 Ethanol


City of Waukee TFX 31/ 2,105 NBPL/NNG Ventura Zone ABC

Contract 113373 NNG Demarcation City of Waukee


Connect Energy Services, LLC TFX 32/ 95,000 All Field Area All Field Area

Contract 111282 Receipt Points Delivery Points


Superior Ethanol, LLC TFX 33/ 4,600 NBPL/NNG Ventura Superior Ethanol

Contract 112698 Ogden Deferred Ogden Deferred


Al-Corn Clean Fuel TFX 37/ 850 All Market Area All Market Area

Contract 114009 Receipt Points Delivery Points