Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2001, Docket: RP01-388-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet Number 463 Original Sheet Number 463 : Effective








Article 4 - Payments


Buyer shall make payments to Company in accordance with the terms and

conditions specified on the Exhibit(s) A attached hereto, Rate

Schedule PAL, Section 6 of the General Terms and Conditions, and the

other applicable terms and provisions of this Agreement.


Article 5 - Change in Tariff Provisions


Upon notice to Buyer, Company shall have the right to file with the

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission any changes in the terms of any of

its Rate Schedules, General Terms and Conditions or Form of Agreement as

Company may deem necessary, and to make such changes effective at such

times as Company desires and is possible under applicable law. Buyer

may protest any filed changes before the Federal Energy Regulatory

Commission and exercise any other rights it may have with respect



Article 6 - Cancellation of Prior Agreements


When this Agreement becomes effective, it shall supersede, cancel and

terminate the following Agreements:


Article 7 - Term


Where no Exhibit(s) A has been executed by Company and attached hereto

within five years of the date of execution of this Agreement then this

Agreement shall automatically terminate. Where one or more Exhibit(s) A

have been executed by Company and attached hereto, then this Agreement

shall automatically terminate five years after the latest Termination of

Service Date on such Exhibit(s) A.


Termination of this Agreement shall not relieve Buyer of the obligation

to pay money due hereunder to Company and shall be in addition to any

other remedies that Company may have.