Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2029, Docket: RP01-288-000, Status: Accepted

Original Sheet Number 300E.05 Original Sheet Number 300E.05 : Superseded






35. DATA ELEMENTS (Continued)


35.2 Mutually Agreeable and Business Conditional Data Elements



Required Supported

(Data Set) by by

Business Name Usage Company Company

-------------------------------- ----- -------- ---------


Return Addressee Contact Fax BC No No


Return Addressee Contact Name BC No No

Return Addressee Contact Phone BC No No


Special Terms and Misc. Notes MA No No


(Bid Upload Quick Response)





* - If mutually agreed to by Shipper.

@ - Used for positive meters only


Where no specific contract otherwise applies, in case of

shipper level interest charges due to prior invoices,

shipper level imbalance charges, and shipper level GRI

refunds, a data element(s) shall exist to support these

charges due from the Service Requester. The invoice data

set (GISB Standards 3.4.X) shall support a method of

communicating this information at the Service Requester

level. [3.3.22/v1.3]