Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2029, Docket: RP01-288-000, Status: Accepted

Fourth Revised Sheet Number 300A Fourth Revised Sheet Number 300A : Superseded

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet Number 300A





35. DATA ELEMENTS (Continued)


35.1 Data Set Usage by Company (Continued)

Received Sent

by by

Data Set Company Company

---------------------------------------- -------- -------


Transportation/Sales Invoice [3.4.1/v1.4] No Yes

Payment Remittance [3.4.2/v1.4] Yes No

Statement of Account [3.4.3/v1.4] No Yes

Service Requester Level Charge/Allowance No No

Invoice [3.4.4/v1.4]


Offer Download [5.4.1/v1.3] No Yes

Bid Download [5.4.2/v1.3] No Yes

Award Download [5.4.3/v1.3] No Yes

Replacement Capacity [5.4.4/v1.2] No No

Withdrawal Download [5.4.5/v1.3] No Yes

Withdrawal Upload [5.4.6/v1.3] Yes No

Offer Upload [5.4.7/v1.3] Yes No

Offer Upload - Quick Resp. [5.4.8/v1.3] No Yes

Offer Upload Notification [5.4.9/v1.3] No Yes

Offer Upload Bidder Confirmation Yes No


Offer Upload Bidder Confirmation No Yes

Quick Resp. [5.4.11/v1.3]

Offer Upload Final Disposition [5.4.12/v1.2] No Yes

Operationally Available and No Yes

Unsubscribed Capacity [5.4.13/v1.2]

Upload of Requests for Download of Posted Yes No

Data Sets [5.4.14/v1.2]

Response to Upload of Request for Download No Yes

of Posted Data Sets [5.4.15/v1.2]

System-Wide Notices [5.4.16/v1.2] No Yes

Note/Special Instruction [5.4.17/v1.3] No No

Bid Upload [5.4.18/v1.4] Yes No

Bid Upload Quick Response [5.4.19/v1.4] No


Northern Border shall accept all GISB standard data

elements. Usage shall be characterized as either mandatory,

conditional, sender's option, business conditional, and

mutually agreeable.


Mandatory (M) means the data element (information) must be

supplied in the transaction.