Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2029, Docket: RP01-288-000, Status: Accepted

Third Revised Sheet Number 298 Third Revised Sheet Number 298 : Superseded

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet Number 298





32. INTERNET ACCESS (Continued)


32.4 Archiving and Retrieval of EBB Information (Continued)


32.43 Retrieval Procedures


A person requiring access to archived posted

information must submit their request in writing to:


Internet Access Administrator - OMA 572

Northern Border Pipeline Company

Northern Plains Natural Gas, Operator

P.O. Box 3330

Omaha, Nebraska 68103-0330


Phone Number: (402) 398-7761

FAX Number: (402) 398-7875


Such written request must clearly state the

requestor's name, address, phone number, what

information is required, and on what date(s).


32.44 Delivery of Retrieved Information


The information will be provided, at the requestor's

discretion, in hardcopy format, on a diskette, or

placed on the designated Internet web site as a

downloadable file. This information will be made

available to the requestor no later than ten business

days after the request has been received. If the

request can not be met in this timeframe, Company

shall notify the requestor by the end of the fifth

business day after the request has been received.


The information will be provided at no cost to the

requestor for hardcopy formats or downloadable

files. However, if the requestor specifies a

diskette, a fee of ten (10) U.S. dollars will be

required for each date specified. If the requestor

specified a file to be accessible via the designated

Internet web site, Company will notify the requestor

after the information has been placed on the

Internet web site.


These request procedures will be posted and updated

as needed.