Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP00-403-002, Status: Suspended

Original Sheet No. 268D.04 Original Sheet No. 268D.04 : Suspended






23. FLOWING GAS (Continued)


23.3 Shipper Imbalances (Continued)


23.32 Shipper Imbalance Resolution (Continued)


Company shall invoice Shipper for the total

cost of the working gas purchased to reduce or

eliminate the Underdelivery at the time such

working gas is received into Company's system.


To account for any Shipper Imbalance remaining

after cashout, a Shipper and Company shall

agree to designate one of the Shipper's

Agreement(s) in the Operational Impact Area

where the original Shipper Imbalance occurred,

for such purpose.


(e) Underdelivery Penalty


If a noticed Shipper imbalance has not been

resolved during the resolution period, and the

remaining Shipper Imbalance reflects an

Underdelivery, Company will invoice Shipper for

an amount equal to the quantity of the

Underdelivery times 150% of the daily price.

The daily price shall be determined by using

the midpoint $/MMBtu from the Daily Price

Survey, as published in Gas Daily.


Underdeliveries subject to penalty at Ventura or

upstream of Ventura will be priced at the Ventura,

Iowa daily price. Underdeliveries subject to

penalty downstream of Ventura will be priced