Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/16/2008, Docket: RP08-128-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 268D.03 Third Revised Sheet No. 268D.03 : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 268D.03





23. FLOWING GAS (Continued)


23.3 Shipper Imbalances (Continued)


23.32 Shipper Imbalance Resolution (Continued)


After receipt of an imbalance Trade confirmation,

Company shall send the imbalance Trade

notification to the initiating trader and the

confirming trader no later than 4:30 p.m. CCT the

next business day. [2.3.49]


(d) Underdelivery Cashout


To resolve a Shipper Imbalance due Company,

Shipper may elect to reimburse Company for such



Shipper must provide written notice to Company,

within the resolution period, of its desire to

cashout all or a portion of the Underdelivery

quantity. At such time, Company will post an

offer to buy working gas equal to the

Underdelivery quantity specified by Shipper to

resolve. Company shall select the lowest bid

received from qualified bid parties and will

facilitate the delivery of such working gas into

its system. Company shall post all bids received

from qualified bidding parties and select the

lowest qualified bid. If the lowest qualified

bid is not chosen, explanation and justification

of the selected bid will also be posted.