Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-629-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 241 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 241 : Effective

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 241







6.7 Receipt and Tender Deficiencies (Continued)


6.74 Reservation Charge Credit


Effective November 1, 2003, a firm Shipper paying

the Maximum Rate will be entitled to a credit of a

portion of its Reservation Charge in the event that

the Company takes receipt of less than 90 percent of

the Dekatherms tendered by Shipper in a Production

Month. The credit shall be the product of

(a) 40 percent, times (b) the aggregate amount of

Reservation Charge due from Shipper for service

under Shipper's Service Agreement during such

Production Month times (c) a fraction, the numerator

of which is the difference between (i) the

Dekatherms tendered by Shipper to Company in such

Production Month and (ii) the Dekatherms received by

Company from Shipper in such Production Month, and

the denominator of which is the sum of Shipper's

Maximum Receipt Quantity for such Production Month.

Such credit shall be reflected in the invoice to the

Shipper and the invoice to a Releasing Shipper as

provided in Subsection 6.2 of this General Terms and



6.75 Exceptions


Subsections 6.71 through 6.74 hereof shall not apply

to any failure of Company to take receipt from

Shipper of any gas tendered by Shipper pursuant to

Article 1 of Shipper's Service Agreement if such

failure is caused in whole or in part by, or results

in whole or in part from, failure of Shipper to, or

to be able to, deliver or take delivery of such gas,

or by any other action of Shipper or Persons acting

on its behalf which causes or results in such

failure by Company.