Northern Border Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2029, Docket: RP01-288-000, Status: Accepted

Seventh Revised Sheet Number 213A Seventh Revised Sheet Number 213A : Superseded

Superseding: Sixth Revised Sheet Number 213A





1. DEFINITIONS (Continued)


o An "Operational Flow Order" (OFO) shall be an order issued to

alleviate conditions, inter alia, which threaten or could

threaten the safe operations or system integrity of Company's

system or to maintain operations required to provide

efficient and reliable service. Whenever Company experiences

these conditions, any pertinent order shall be referred to as

an OFO. Company shall attempt to minimize the use of OFO's

and the declaration of critical periods and, when possible,

shall direct an OFO to the specific party(s) creating the

operating conditions. The declaration to the affected

parties of OFO's, critical periods, and/or critical notices

shall describe the conditions and the specific responses

required from the affected parties. Notice procedures of OFO

conditions shall be clearly defined in Company's tariff.

[1.2.6/v1.1] [1.1.12/v1.1] [1.3.26/v1.1] [1.3.34/v1.1]


o The term "Operational Impact Area" shall mean the largest

possible area(s) on Company's system in which imbalances have

a similar operational effect. For imbalance resolution,

Company shall designate its entire pipeline system as a

single Operational Impact Area.


o The term "Overdelivery" shall mean the quantity of gas that

results when Shipper delivers or causes to be delivered to

Company a quantity of gas which, less Shipper's share of

estimated Company Use Gas, is greater than the quantity of

gas delivered out of Company's system for Shipper's account.


o A "Package ID" shall mean a GISB defined mutually agreeable data

element provided to differentiate between discrete business

transactions. When used, Package ID shall be: a) supported for

nomination and scheduling; b) mutually agreed between the

applicable parties for allocations and imbalance reporting;

c) supported for invoicing (sales and purchase); and d) mutually

agreed for transport invoicing. Use of the Package ID is at the

discretion of the Service Requester, and if sent, should be

accepted and processed by Company. [1.2.5/v1.1] [1.3.24/v1.4]



o The term "Person" shall mean an individual, a corporation, a

partnership, an association, a joint venture, a trust, an

unincorporated organization or a government or political

subdivision thereof; and pronouns shall have a similarly

extended meaning.