Mojave Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/22/2010, Docket: RP10-330-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 283 Original Sheet No. 283







38.2 Third Party Charges. (Continued)


(a) If Transporter receives refunds or credits from a third party

pipeline which are directly related to Third Party Charges,

such refund or credits shall be flowed through to the

appropriate Shipper(s) to the extent that the rate paid by

the Shipper exceeds the net rate (after refund) Transporter

has actually paid and Transporter has otherwise fully

recovered its costs for such off system capacity.


38.3 Any off-system capacity acquired by Transporter from a third party

and contracted for at the request of a Shipper(s) which is not used

by that Shipper(s) or a Replacement Shipper shall be offered to

other Shippers on a secondary and interruptible basis, pursuant to

Transporter's FERC Gas Tariff and subject to Transporter's

currently effective rates, including any applicable Third Party

Charges, as such tariff and rates may change from time to time.

Transporter will indicate in its posting of any off-system capacity

available for service whether any Third Party Charges will apply to

the use of such off-system capacity.


(a) If on any Day, Transporter schedules for the benefit of a

Shipper(s) from/to secondary or segmented point(s), on any

off-system capacity held by Transporter, such quantities shall

be subject to Transporter's third party reservation rate. The

third party reservation rate shall be calculated by converting

the applicable third party's reservation rate to a daily rate.

If on any Day, Transporter schedules interruptible

transportation from/to point(s) on any off-system capacity

held by Transporter, such quantities shall be subject to

Transporter's third party interruptible rate. The third party

interruptible rate shall be the equivalent of the applicable

third party reservation rate. In addition, for both such firm

and interruptible quantities scheduled, Shipper shall pay any

other charges specifically incurred by Transporter related to

the applicable off-system capacity as a result of the

Shipper's transportation on the off-system capacity for that

Day, e.g., commodity charges, surcharges, additional

reservation charges (due for example because of a higher rate

at non-primary points), out-of-zone charges, FL&U charges,

compression fees, etc.; provided however, Shipper shall not be

required to pay for any penalties assessed to Transporter by

the off-system pipeline for activities that were beyond the

control of the Shipper.