Mojave Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/03/2010, Docket: RP10-706-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 230D First Revised Sheet No. 230D

Superseding: Original Sheet 230D





8. Operating Provisions


(d) Additional Primary Delivery Points: Subject to the requirements

of Section 8.1(c) above, a Shipper may at any time designate any

delivery point as a Primary delivery point. If a Shipper

designates a delivery point as a Primary delivery point and there

is inadequate capacity (either at the delivery point or the

mainline), Transporter shall so inform such Shipper. Shipper must

either reduce or withdraw its designation or else make a

contribution in aid of construction (including reimbursement of

resulting tax liability) to reimburse Transporter for the costs of

increasing capacity to that delivery point.


(e) No Impact On Total Capacity: Nothing in this Section 8 permits a

Shipper to schedule more transportation services than that

Shipper's total Maximum Daily Quantity or Daily Quantity.


(f) Market Centers: Nothing in Transporter's Tariff shall inhibit the

development of market centers on Transporter's pipeline.


8.2 Firm Service


(a) Segmentation of Capacity: A Shipper may make use of the firm

capacity for which it has contracted by segmenting that capacity

into separate parts for its own use or for the purpose of releasing

that capacity to Replacement Shippers, to the extent such

segmentation is operationally feasible.


(i) A firm Shipper may segment capacity for its own use through

the scheduling process by contemporaneously nominating

quantities at the combination of receipt and delivery points

that create the segmented capacity desired. Capacity may be

segmented at any physical or virtual scheduling point

located on Transporter's system.


(ii) When segmenting capacity for its own use or for capacity

release, a Shipper may designate new primary points pursuant

to Section 8.2(a).


(iii) Shippers may segment capacity for the purpose of releasing

that capacity to Replacement Shippers pursuant to Section 9

of the General Terms and Conditions. Shippers releasing

capacity do not retain any primary or alternate rights on the

released capacity. Replacement shippers obtain primary and

alternate rights only on the acquired segment.