Mojave Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/03/2010, Docket: RP10-706-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 205 Second Revised Sheet No. 205

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 205





2. Measurement (Continued)


2.4 Determination of Heating Value and Specific Gravity. The gross

Heating Value and specific gravity of the Gas may be determined

by Gas chromatographic analysis or any other method mutually

agreed upon. This shall be done by either a Gas sample or by an

on-line Gas chromatograph. In the event a spot or continuous Gas

sampling device is used, intervals mutually agreed upon should

not be less than every Month. The determination of gross Heating

Value and specific gravity from chromatograph shall input

continuously into the computer for quantity calculations. In the

event a spot or continuous Gas sampler is installed, then the

gross Heating Value and specific gravity shall be determined in

the laboratory by chromatograph and will be used from the date

the analysis is downloaded into the flow computer until the date

the next sample is analyzed and downloaded to the flow computer.

All gross Heating Value and specific gravity determinations made

with a chromatograph shall use physical Gas constants for Gas

compounds, as outlined in AGA 5 with any subsequent amendments or

revisions to which the parties may mutually agree.


2.5 Compressibility. The measurement hereunder shall be corrected for

deviation from Boyle's law in accordance with AGA Report No. 8, as

amended from time to time.


2.6 Measurement Equipment


(a) Unless otherwise agreed between Transporter and

Operator/Interconnecting Party, Transporter will install,

maintain, operate or cause to be installed, maintained and

operated, measuring stations equipped with flow meters and

other necessary metering and measuring equipment by which

the volumes of Gas received and delivered hereunder shall be

determined. Subject to the terms of the interconnect

agreement at Transporter's sole election, Shipper may

install check-measuring equipment at its own cost and

expense, provided such equipment shall be so installed as

not to interfere with the operations of Transporter. The

measurement equipment of Shipper shall be for check purposes

only and, except as expressly provided in the applicable

interconnect agreement, shall not be used in the measurement

of Gas for purposes of the Agreement.


(b) Orifice Meters. Orifice meters shall be installed and Gas

volumes computed in accordance with the standards prescribed

in AGA Report No. 3 "Orifice Metering of Natural Gas."