Centerpoint Energy - Mississippi River

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/1994, Docket: RP94-405-001, Status: Effective

Sub First Rev. Sheet No. 190 Sub First Rev. Sheet No. 190 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 190







of all of the relevant circumstances, to reduce its obligations

and liabilities regarding such disputes. Prior period billing

adjustments or refunds from suppliers attributable to gas

purchases by MRT prior to the termination of MRT's PGA and TCRM

tariff provisions shall be recovered pursuant to this Section

16.2. MRT may recover any past-period billing adjustments

associated with the contracts in litigation set forth in MRT's

September 23, 1994 filing in Docket No. RP94-405-000 for up to

ninety days after a final, non-appealable order, decision or

settlement resolving such litigation to the extent that such

billing adjustments relate to MRT's cost of gas purchased prior to

November 1, 1993. The initial disposition of Account No. 191 and

unrecovered Account No. 858 costs shall be adjusted to include a

final reconciliation of amounts for exchange transactions and

transportation imbalances recorded in Account No. 806. Account

No. 191 balances and unrecovered Account No. 858 costs in both

Deferral and Surcharge Periods shall be included in the direct

bill amounts. Prior period billing adjustments shall not include

Gas Supply Realignment Costs or Stranded Investments, as such

amounts are to be recovered in accordance with Sections l6.3 and

l6.4, respectively.


(c) Calculation of Direct Bill Amounts. Direct bill

amounts shall be separately calculated for both demand and

commodity components of Account No. 191 and Account No. 858 costs.

A separate direct bill for commodity Account No. 858 costs is not

required inasmuch as such costs are aggregated with MRT's

commodity cost of purchased gas for purchased gas adjustment and

Account No. 191 purposes pursuant to MRT's TCRM tariff provisions.


(i) Demand Account No. 191 and 858 Costs. Each

Customer's allocated share of aggregate demand component

balances, whether positive or negative, in Account No. 191

and Account No. 858 on the effective date of this tariff

provision, shall be based on the contract demand volumes

under Rate Schedule CD-1 and imputed contract demands under

Rate Schedule SGS-1 in effect one day prior to the

termination of the PGA and TCRM tariff provisions. Imputed

contract demands under Rate Schedule SGS-1 shall be based on

a thirty-four percent (34%) load factor calculation.