Centerpoint Energy - Mississippi River

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2001, Docket: RP00-305-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 10C Original Sheet No. 10C : Superseded





Contract Rate Contract Negotiated

Customer Name Number(s) Schedule(s) Quantities [2] Rate Receipts Point(s) Delivery Point(s)

-------------------- -------- -------- -------------- ------------ ----------------- -----------------

Union Electric Company 462 FTS 20,887 Dth/d (11/01-3/31) See [3] - [5] [1] UECA (DRN No. 154614) Union Electric Aggregate

d/b/a Ameren UE 18,636 Dth/d (04/01-10/31) Below UEMR (DRN No. 60575) Union Electric Meramec)

503 FSS 856,184 Dth UEVN (DRN No. 60513) Union Electric (Venice)

*STG (MRT's storage facilities)


[5] Rates for AOR service (through February 28, 2003) under FTS contract to Venice and/or Meramec power plant points, as follows:


Field to Market Market Only Field Only

(per Dth) (per Dth) (per Dth)


December $0.12 $0.06 (for

quantities > zone



January - February $0.13 $0.06 (for

quantities > zone



May - September $0.04 $0.035 (for

quantities within

zone entitlement)

First 5,000 Dth/D of AOR: $0.07

Next 5,000 Dth/D of AOR: $0.055

All AOR > 10,000 Dth/D: $0.04


Customer also shall pay or bear all applicable surcharges and fuel retentions. To be eligible for above AOR rates at any time during term specified,

Customer must use AOR service under its FTS contract to transport to its Venice and Meramec power plants at least 50% of the existing natural gas

requirements for the plants exceeding the requirements which can be delivered to the plants within the firm daily capacity available under the FTS

Contract not used for its Alton system requirements.


[6] MRT will have opportunity to submit timely proposals to serve any incremental natural gas requirements at certain of Customer's power plants.


[7] Agreement subject to all laws, orders, rules and regulations. Parties not held in default if failure to perform due to good faith compliance with

governmental requirements or good faith determination that governmental authority has conditioned performance in a manner which (i) requires

performance inconsistent with terms and provisions of agreement, or (ii) prohibits the granting of [selective discounts] or other rates in a manner

unacceptable to MRT.


[8] The Negotiated Rate Agreement does not deviate in any material aspect from the Transportation Service Agreement form in MRT's tariff.