Midwestern Gas Transmission Company


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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97- 59-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 231 Original Sheet No. 231 : Superseded






3.1.1. Date and time of receipt of a Transaction such as a nomination is

defined in a data element in the HTTP response. Such data element is called "time-c",

and indicates completion of processing at the receiving Internet server.


3.2. Verification.


3.2.1. Upon proper receipt of any Document, the receiving party shall

promptly and properly transmit a Functional Acknowledgment (defined below) in return,

unless otherwise specified in the Appendix.


3.2.2. For the purposes of this Agreement, a "Functional Acknowledgment"

means an ASCX12 Transaction Set 997, which confirms a Document (in the format specified

by such acknowledgment) has been received and whether all required portions of the

Document are syntactically correct, but which does not confirm the substantive

content(s) of the related Document.


3.2.3. By mutual agreement, the parties may designate in the Appendix a

"Response Document" Transaction Set as a substitute for, or in addition to, an ASCX12

Transaction Set 997. A "Response Document" is a document which confirms that a Document

(in the format specified by such acknowledgment) has been received, and whether all

required portions of the Document are syntactically correct, and contains data sent by

the receiving party to the sending party in response to the substantive content of the

related Document at the time of the transmission of the related Document. If the

parties designate a Response Document as a substitute for a Functional Acknowledgment,

the time requirements in the Appendix applicable to Functional Acknowledgments shall

apply to such Response Documents.


3.2.4. A Functional Acknowledgment, or a Response Document that has been

designated in the Appendix as a substitute for a Functional Acknowledgment, shall

constitute conclusive evidence that a Document has been properly received.


3.3. Acceptance. If acceptance of a Document is required by the Appendix, any

such Document which has been properly received shall not give rise to any obligation

unless and until the party initially transmitting such Document has properly received in

return an "Acceptance Document" (as specified in the Appendix).


3.4. Garbled Transmission. If any transmitted Document is received in an

unintelligible or garbled form, the receiving party shall promptly notify the

originating party (if identifiable from the received Document) in a reasonable manner.

In the absence of such a notice and where a Functional Acknowledgment or Response

Document resulted, the originating party's records of the contents of such Document

shall control.


3.5. Retransmissions. If the originating party of a Document has not properly

received a corresponding Functional Acknowledgment or Response Document within the

Retransmission Timeframe indicated in the Appendix, the originating party shall

retransmit the Document.


Section 4. System Failure. Communications Failure: In the event of an

electronic communication failure which prevents transmission of Documents by a party

(the "Affected Party"), the parties will follow the following backup procedure:


a. the Affected Party will immediately notify the other parties of the failure by

telephone, telegraph, or by the most rapid means then available;


b. the Affected Party will deliver a copy of the Document, physically signed by

an authorized agent of the Affected Party, the signature being written over the area of

the document in which the Signature Code would otherwise have been electronically

affixed, or, if no such location is visibly apparent, next to the sending party's

agent's name (for the purposes of this subsection, a fax transmission of a physically

signed document qualifies as being a copy of the Document);