Midwestern Gas Transmission Company


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Effective Date: 09/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 41-004, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 155 Substitute Original Sheet No. 155 : Effective





(For Use by Aggregator at Delivery Points)


2.5 Reports on Actual Deliveries - Should Transporter not have the ability to monitor

actual deliveries at the Delivery Point on a daily basis, Balancing Party shall

provide to Transporter the best available information compiled on a daily basis on

the actual deliveries at such Delivery Point(s) within two business days after the

date of delivery.


Furthermore, the Balancing Party shall provide meter statements within three (3)

business days after the close of a month at any Delivery Point(s) where

Transporter does not operate the meter. If the Balancing Party does not provide

such information or meter statements at any Delivery Point(s), or the information

provided contains significant inaccuracies as reasonably determined by

Transporter, and such conditions continue for fifteen days or more (whether or not

such days are consecutive) after the first notice to the Balancing Party, then

such Delivery Point(s) will be deleted from Exhibit A upon written notice from

Transporter at the end of that calendar month. Any Delivery Point that is deleted

from this Agreement in accordance with this Section, may be added to Exhibit A in

the future if the Parties mutually agree.




3.1 Corrections in Flow Rates During A Day - Balancing Party will be able to request

adjustments to actual deliveries at its Delivery Points at any time during the

production day by coordinating with Transporter's gas dispatchers. Transporter

will use reasonable efforts to deliver those changed quantities when the operating

conditions on Transporter's system permits, taking into consideration the

nominations made by firm customers on Transporter's system.


3.2 Corrections During the Month - Estimated metered quantities, or actual metered

quantities where available, may be used by Transporter for purposes of adjustments

under this Section on a daily basis during the production month to determine the

estimated Operational Imbalance at all of the Delivery Point(s). Transporter

shall make the estimated Daily Variances and Monthly Operational Imbalance at each

Delivery Point available to Balancing Party on or before the third business day

after each production day. Transporter or Balancing Party may make adjustments in

nominations and actual deliveries upon 24 hours notice by making imbalance make up

nominations pursuant to this Agreement and in accordance with the applicable

provisions of Transporter's Tariff. Any such adjustments will offset pre-existing

imbalances accrued during the month.


3.3 Corrections In Subsequent Periods - As soon as practicable following the close of

each month, Transporter will send Balancing Party a statement setting forth the

accrued Daily Variances and the Monthly Operational Imbalance existing at the end

of the prior month. Any Monthly Operational Imbalance shall be resolved in cash

in accordance with Rate Schedule LMS-MA, unless the Parties mutually agree