Midwestern Gas Transmission Company


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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97- 59-002, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 96 First Revised Sheet No. 96 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 96





Releasing Shipper's FT-A Agreement to reflect that the Releasing shipper has

released all or a portion of its transportation rights and the terms of such

release. A Replacement Shipper that subsequently obtains additional

transportation rights by successfully bidding on a subsequent Release

Request is not required to execute an additional Released Transportation

Service Agreement; rather, each such additional successful bid shall be the

subject of an additional exhibit (designated sequentially "Exhibit R-2",

"Exhibit R-3", etc.) To be added to such Replacement Shipper's Released

Transportation Service Agreement. Transporter shall prepare all the

Exhibits for Releasing Shippers and Replacement Shippers based on the

information in the applicable Release incorporated in the transportation

service agreement to which it relates and shall thereby amend such agreement

effective upon commencement of service to the Replacement Shipper. Such

Exhibits shall not require execution by the Releasing Shipper or Replacement

Shipper to become effective.


i) Prior to the commencement of service pursuant to any Release Request, the

Replacement Shipper shall submit to Transporter, in accord with Article XXV,

of these General Terms and Conditions, a check in an amount equal to the

lesser of $10,000 or the total reservation charges under its Released

Transportation Service Agreement (or corresponding Exhibit) applicable to

the released service for a three month period; provided that if the released

is for less than a three month period; provided that if the release is for

less than a three month period and the total reservation charge for the

release is less than $10,000, then the prepayment required will be equal to

the total reservation charges for the released services.


7. Failure of Bidder to Honor Winning Bid


In the event a Bidder is successful but does not accept the capacity attained by

such successful bid (provided that nonacceptance is not excused by a prestated

contingency), then such Bidder shall forfeit the prepayment required under Section

6(f) and shall be barred from bidding for released capacity for a one-year period.