Midwestern Gas Transmission Company


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Effective Date: 05/01/2000, Docket: RP00-233-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 64 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 64 : Superseded

Superseding: Sub Fourth Revised Sheet No. 64






(g) Bump Protection: Transporter shall not schedule an intra-day or hourly

nomination change, if the result of scheduling such nomination would be to bump

flowing and/or scheduled transportation under any firm primary or secondary

service. Transporter shall give an intra-day nomination submitted by a firm

shipper priority over nominated and scheduled volumes for shippers flowing

volumes with a priority below secondary firm service. Transporter shall provide

bump notice to the bumped shippers by 2:00 p.m. CCT as to intra-day nominations

submitted at the Intra-day 1 Nomination Cycle and by 10:00 p.m. CCT as to intra-

day nominations submitted at the Evening Nomination Cycle. Transporter shall

provide bump notice by the notice procedures set forth in Article VIII, Section

2(d) of the General Terms and Conditions to the bumped shippers. Transporter

will not permit bumping for intra-day nominations submitted by the Intra-day 2

Nomination Cycle.


(h) Notification of Scheduling: The upstream/downstream connected party(s) at the

applicable receipt and delivery points will confirm with Transporter through

PASSKEY that Shipper's nominated quantities will be received or delivered.

Shipper and applicable upstream/downstream connected party(s) will receive

notice from Transporter no later than 4:30 p.m. CCT on the day prior to the

commencement of the nominated service via PASSKEY of scheduled quantities, any

nomination made by Shipper that is not scheduled for delivery, or if any

scheduled nomination is amended or changed by Transporter. Transporter shall

also make available at the end of the day information on any intra-day or hourly

nomination made by Shipper that is scheduled or not scheduled for delivery, or

if any scheduled nomination is amended or changed by Transporter.


(i) Any nomination, including intra-day or hourly nominations, received by

Transporter after the nomination deadlines provided in Subsections 4 (a), (b),

(d) and (e) above shall be scheduled by Transporter provided that i) Transporter

and all affected parties mutually agree to schedule the late nomination and ii)

the scheduling of such late nomination does not bump a nomination received prior

to the nomination deadlines referred above.


5. Scheduling Priorities: Transporter shall schedule receipts and deliveries of gas in

the priority categories specified below. Unless otherwise specified, scheduling

priority within a category shall be pro rata and in accordance with the supply/market

rankings provided pursuant to Section 4 of this Article III.


(a) Transporter's firm transportation services; provided that (1) quantities

scheduled from Primary Receipt Points to Primary Delivery Points shall be

scheduled first at any time during the month and shall be given the highest

priority, (2) quantities scheduled from Secondary Receipt Points or to Secondary

Delivery Points shall be scheduled second ("Second Priority Group"). If there

is insufficient capacity to serve all requests in the Second Priority Group then

the capacity remaining after scheduling the deliveries from Primary Receipt

Points and to Primary Delivery Points will be available to the parties

requesting such service on a pro rata basis, based upon the parties'

nominations. Any firm shipper requesting service from a Secondary Receipt Point

may interrupt gas that is flowing or has been scheduled to flow pursuant to an

interruptible service using the affected receipt point, but may not interrupt

another firm shipper.


(b) Current month make up volumes to balance prior daily variances under a Balancing

Agreement and volumes rescheduled as a result of an OFO.


(c) Interruptible and authorized overrun transportation according to the rate

applicable to the quantities; provided that any shipper paying a rate above the

maximum rate shall be deemed to be paying the maximum applicable rate. Priority

for services having the same price ranking shall be determined by the supply and

market rankings provided by Shippers and Balancing Parties pursuant to Section

4 of this Article III.


(d) Make up volumes for all transportation service other than category (b).