Midwestern Gas Transmission Company


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Effective Date: 09/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 41-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 29 Original Sheet No. 29 : Effective




Load Management Service - Delivery Points


DDS service permits Balancing Parties to increase their Daily Variance Tolerance.

Transporter offers this service in reliance on its ability, as an operator on

Tennessee's system pursuant to an OBA with Tennessee, to obtain sufficient DDS

service from Tennessee. The rate for DDS Service shall be a demand rate as set forth

at Sheet No. 6 of Volume No. 1 of Transporter's Tariff. Such rates shall reflect the

cost to Transporter of securing DDS service from Tennessee.


Transporter shall elect to receive an amount of DDS service from Tennessee equal to

the sum of such elections made in Docket No. RS92-41 pursuant to Section 1(b)(ii)

above, adjusted for fuel and uses and for gas lost and unaccounted for. Such

elections shall only occur once. Any changes to such elections shall be made only

by mutual agreement.


2. Applicability and Character of Service


The terms, conditions and charges set forth in this Rate Schedule governing daily

variances and monthly balancing shall apply to all gas flowing through meters covered

by a Delivery Point OBA. A Delivery Point OBA may include all delivery points

controlled by a single Balancing Party except that no OBA may cover both a delivery

point under Rate Schedule FT-A and a delivery point under Rate Schedule FT-GS. If

a Delivery Point OBA covers multiple points of which only some qualify for DDS, the

increased imbalance tolerance may be utilized at all the points covered by the

Delivery Point OBA. An Aggregator's OBA may include any delivery point where the

maximum deliveries at any such point do not exceed 5,233 dth on any day.


DDS Service is expressly subject to the availability of Tennessee's DDS and the terms

pursuant to which Tennessee offers DDS to Transporter, and are further subject to

curtailment and interruption at any time for any of the reasons set out in Article

X of the General Terms and Conditions or whenever necessary to maintain gas quality

or the integrity of Transporter's system. Transporter shall automatically adjust the

rates associated with this Rate Schedule to reflect any changes in the rates charged

by Tennessee for its LMS-MA service.


3. Scheduling and Confirmation By Balancing Party


The Balancing Party will confirm nominations of the quantities to be delivered at

delivery points.