Midwestern Gas Transmission Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/10/2010, Docket: RP10-587-000, Status: Pending

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 226 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 226

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 226







3.6 Nominations (Continued)


3.6.7 Nomination Quantity (Continued)


Company shall not be required to schedule any intra-day nomination or

hourly request for a quantity that is less than the quantity of gas

that has been scheduled to flow on such day prior to the effective time

of such intra-day nomination or hourly request.


The last daily nominated quantity stated in an intra-day nomination or

an hourly request received with respect to a given Gas Day shall be

deemed to be the valid nomination quantity for such day and shall

supersede any previous nomination quantity for such Gas Day.


An intra-day nomination or hourly request shall terminate at the end of

the day for which it was submitted and the nomination in effect prior

to the submission of any intra-day nomination or hourly request for

such day shall continue in effect for the time period stated in the

nomination or request.


Company shall also make available at the end of the day information on

any intra-day or hourly nomination made by a Nominating Party that is

scheduled or not scheduled for delivery, or if any scheduled nomination

is amended or changed by Company.


3.6.8 Bump Protection


Company shall not schedule an intra-day nomination or hourly request

change, if the result of scheduling such nomination or request would be

to bump flowing and/or scheduled transportation under any firm primary

or secondary service.


Company shall give an intra-day nomination submitted by a firm Shipper

priority over nominated and scheduled gas quantities for shippers

flowing gas quantities with a priority below secondary firm service.


Company shall provide bump notice by the notice procedures set forth in

Subsection 8.5 of the General Terms and Conditions to the bumped



Company will not permit bumping for intra-day nominations submitted by

the Intra-day 2 Nomination Cycle.


3.6.9 Consolidated Nomination


A Shipper transporting natural gas under:(i) Rate Schedule FT-A and

Rate Schedule FT-B,(ii) Rate Schedule FT-C and Rate Schedule FT-B or

(iii) Rate Schedule FT-D and Rate Schedule FT-B shall be allowed to

aggregate nominations into a single nomination referred to as a

consolidated nomination for scheduling purposes subject to the

following conditions:


(a) Shipper shall have a currently effective Rate Schedule FT-A, FT-C

or FT-D Firm Transportation Agreement and a currently effective

Rate Schedule FT-B Firm Transportation Agreement; and