American Midstream (Midla), LLC

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-483-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 170 Original Sheet No. 170


of Customer's Agent shall not have precedence over a PDA submitted by a Point



(c) A PDA submitted to Pipeline may specify one or more of the following allocation

methodology types, which specification shall be subject to approval by Pipeline, provided,

however, that Pipeline shall not unreasonably withhold such approval. The methodology

types acceptable to Pipeline are: 1) Ranked, 2) Pro Rata, 3) Percentage, 4) Swing, and

5) Operator Provided Value. Such standard allocation methodologies shall be available

for use at all points. A new allocation detail may be needed when a nomination changes.


(d) At a location which is not covered by an OBA, Midla will allocate to Customers at the

Customers? contract level or higher. Midla is not required to allocate to a lower level or

accept accounting allocation instructions from the Customer (i.e., neither Pre-determined

Allocations (PDAs) nor Customer ranks supplied in the nominations.

Where Midla allocated to a lower level (more detailed) than the Customer contract

level and where:

i. The Confirming Parties confirm at a higher level (less detailed) than the

nomination level; and,

ii. A Customer has submitted more than one nomination line item to Midla;


Midla should employ the its tariff allocation methodology (including, where

applicable, employing the other Confirming Party(ies)' (PDAs) to allocate Gas to the

confirmation detail level.


Midla should then either:

a) accept and employ a PDA from such Customers or

b) employ the Customer?s ranks supplied in the nomination.


Where Midla accepts PDAs from a Customer (as specified in a) above and the

Customer does not provide a PDA, Midla should employ the tariff allocation



(e) At a location which is not covered by an OBA, a Confirming Party should submit

a Pre-determined Allocation (PDA) to the allocating party at a level that is based on the

allocating party's business practice, but in no event, will such PDA be at a lower level

(more detailed) than that level of information exchanged between such parties during

their confirmation process.