American Midstream (Midla), LLC

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-483-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 148 Original Sheet No. 148


14.3 To correct an imbalance incurred during a Month, Customer may submit a request

setting forth a correcting imbalance, to be undertaken during the Month that the

imbalance occurs, that results in overdeliveries to Pipeline at Point(s) of Receipt or

underdeliveries to Customer at Point(s) of Delivery; provided, however, such receipts

and deliveries shall not exceed Customer's MDQ and, provided further, that such request

to correct the imbalance shall be subject to Pipeline's approval, which approval shall not

be unreasonably withheld.


14.4 If Pipeline determines in its reasonable judgment, on a non-discriminatory basis,

that imbalances on its system impair Pipeline's ability to operate its system, Pipeline shall

have the right to notify Customer through an Operational Flow Order to correct

immediately such imbalance. Failure to comply with an Operational Flow Order issued

by Pipeline will make Customer subject to a penalty, as set forth in Paragraph 5.9(b)



14.5 Customer receiving service under Rate Schedule NNS shall not be subject to

Paragraphs 14.2, 14.3, and 14.4 hereof; provided, however, to the extent that quantities

of Gas delivered from Pipeline's system pursuant to Rate Schedule NNS exceed

Customer's NNS MDQ, Customer shall be subject to a penalty, as set forth in Paragraph



14.6 Monthly Imbalances


(a) Non-Winter Period (April - October) Imbalances - Provided that Customer has not

been notified by Pipeline that its imbalances are creating an operational problem on its

system, and the continuation of the imbalance is endangering service to other

Customers, Pipeline shall notify and post, pursuant to Paragraph 14.9 hereof the

imbalance for netting and/or trading. If a trade is not made, Customer shall have until the

end of the following Month to eliminate its imbalance with no penalty. If Customer does

not eliminate such imbalance by the end of the following Month or has been notified by

Pipeline that its imbalance is creating an operation problem, such imbalance shall be

Cashed-out pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 14.7 hereof.