American Midstream (Midla), LLC

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-483-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 118 Original Sheet No. 118


in Paragraph 4.3(d), the length of the period for submission of offers (hereinafter called

Bid Period); Customers requesting any modification to the Bid Period once a bid has

been posted by Pipeline shall be required to withdraw the posted bid in accordance with

Paragraphs 4.3(b) hereof and resubmit a modified bid in accordance with


(j) whether bids on a one-part volumetric basis, which, for the release of more than one

(1) year, shall not exceed the one-hundred percent (100%) load factor equivalent of the

maximum reservation charge for the capacity being released, may be submitted by

Potential Customer, and if so, the method for evaluating any such bids;


(k) whether a contingent bid that extends beyond the Bid Period may be submitted, and

the terms and conditions for determining whether the next highest bidder will be obligated

to acquire the capacity should the winning contingent bidder withdraw its bid; and


(l) for release of more than one (1) year, the maximum reservation charge and all

demand surcharges (whether Inclusive or separately stated) applicable to the capacity

being released.


(m) There is no maximum rate for release of one (1) year or less if the release is to take

effect on or before one (1) year from the date on which the Pipeline is notified of the



(n) whether the proposed release is pursuant to an Asset Management Arrangement

(AMA) or a state-regulated retail access program, as both are defined in Section 284.8 of

the Commission?s Regulations, and, if pursuant to an AMA, the volumetric obligation of

the Replacement Customer to the Releasing Customer and the time period over which

the obligation applies.


4.7 Formats of Notices, Bids, and Awards


Any Customer's Notice submitted to Pipeline by Releasing Customer, bid submitted to

Pipeline by Potential or Prearranged Customer, or award made by Pipeline to

Replacement Customer shall when reflecting numerical values representing dollar

amounts, specify an equivalent rate as reflected in Pipeline's current tariff. For any such

transactions reflecting rates different than maximum tariff rates, converting daily rate to

monthly rate is accomplished by multiplying the daily rate times number of Days in rate

period, dividing the result by number of Months in rate period and taking the remainder

out to five (5) decimal places