American Midstream (Midla), LLC

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-483-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 101 Original Sheet No. 101


1.9 CUSTOMER. The term "Customer" shall mean any party that has Executed a

Service Agreement under one or more of pipeline's Rate Schedules, including capacity

release transactions, or such party's Agent.


1.10 CUSTOMER'S NOTICE. The term "Customer's Notice" shall mean that notice

provided by Releasing Customer to Pipeline which includes the terms and conditions

applicable to the capacity to be released.


1.11 DAILY ALLOCATION. The term "daily allocation" shall mean the process where

the Allocation Party performs the allocation process following each Gas Day.


1.12 DAY. The term "Day" shall mean a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours

beginning as near as practical to 9:00 a.m. central clock time.


1.13 DEKATHERM (Dth). The term "Dekatherm" or ?Dth? shall mean the quantity of

heat energy which is equivalent to one million (1,000,000) Btu's and may also be

expressed as one (1) MMBtu. The Dekatherm shall be the standard quantity for

nominations, confirmation and scheduling per Gas Day.


1.14 ELAPSED PRORATA CAPACITY. The term "Elapsed Prorata Capacity" shall

mean that portion of the capacity that would have theoretically been available for use

prior to the effective time of the intraday recall based upon a cumulative uniform hourly

use of the capacity.


1.15 FUEL REIMBURSEMENT. The term "Fuel Reimbursement" shall mean

compensation for used and unaccounted for fuel which is utilized by Pipeline in

performing transportation services for Customers.


1.16 INTERACTIVE INTERNET WEBSITE. The term "Interactive Internet Website"

shall mean Midla?s Computer Information and Scheduling System accessed through the

public internet.


1.17 INTERNET WEB SITE. The term "Internet Web Site" shall mean Midla?s public

information system found on the World Wide Web at address: through which can be accessed, Midla?s Interactive

Internet Website for scheduling, nomination and other services.


1.18 INTRA-DAY NOMINATION. The term "intra-day nomination" shall mean a

nomination which is submitted after the nomination deadline whose effective time is no

later than the beginning of the Gas Day and runs through the end of that Gas Day.