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Effective Date: 07/01/2007, Docket: RP07- 99-002, Status: Effective

Eighteenth Revised Sheet No. 570 ANR Pipeline Company: Original Volume No. 2

Eighteenth Revised Sheet No. 570 : Pending

Superseding: Seventeenth Revised Sheet No. 570





adjusted to reflect the depreciation rate finally authorized for HIOS, and ANR shall make

refunds to HIOS to equal the difference between the revenues collected and the revenues

which would have been collected if the rates collected had reflected such finally allowed

HIOS depreciation rate, plus interest as prescribed in Section 154.67 of the Commission's



Without prejudice to the rights of HIOS to contest such charges, HIOS shall, from and

after the date of initial deliveries, pay ANR monthly one-twelfth (1/12th) of the above

charge, which shall be redetermined as of January 1, 1985, and as of January 1st of each

year thereafter. The current effective monthly charge is $153,100 as of July 1, 2007.*


In addition to the charges specified above in this Article IV, HIOS agreed to pay ANR

an amount equal to the 100% load factor rate for each Mcf of gas processed for HIOS in the

Facility during any day which is in excess of the HIOS capacity.





HIOS has, by separate agreement with UTOS, contracted for similar services to be

performed at Cameron Meadows, Louisiana, with respect to the gas of Shippers being

transported in the aforementioned pipeline of UTOS.


It is agreed that HIOS shall have the right without additional charge, to install and

operate communications and data processing equipment on the site of the Facility, in

locations selected and made available by ANR, for the coordination of the services

performed by ANR for HIOS at the Facility with the above mentioned similar services to be

performed by UTOS at Cameron Meadows.




*Revised pursuant to Article VI, Section 6.3 of the Stipulation and Agreement dated August 7,

2007 at Docket No. RP07-99-000.