ANR Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: RP06-613-000, Status: Effective

Seventh Revised Sheet No. 141A Seventh Revised Sheet No. 141A : Effective

Superseding: Sub Sixth Revised Sheet No. 141A







(h) When trading imbalances, a quantity should be specified. Transporter will not

authorize an imbalance trade that will increase the Shipper's absolute imbalance

position (above/below zero). After receipt of an imbalance trade confirmation,

Transporter will post trade results on GEMStm and, for EDI transactions, will send,

no later than noon CCT of the next Business Day, a notice of the imbalance trade to

the party initiating and the party confirming the trade.


(i) The information required for trading must include the identification of both

Shippers involved in the trade, production period, and the monthly volume to be



(j) Any imbalance remaining after the close of the imbalance trading period set out in

Section 15.7(f) above, will be cashed out pursuant to this Section 15.


15.8 Historical Gas Deficiency. Transporter shall endeavor to purchase each month

during a 36 month period, to the extent such purchases are operationally

practicable, 1/36th of the gas deficiency existing as of December 31, 2004 (the

"Historical Gas Deficiency") as set out in Transporter's April 29, 2005 annual

cashout filing in Docket RP05-294. Provided however, Historical Gas Deficiency

purchases in any month, shall be netted against any applicable sales of Gas to be

made by Transporter pursuant to Section 15.1(b) above. In addition, Transporter

shall use the additional revenues from the cashout program in excess of that

required to balance the system on a current basis, to purchase additional

quantities of Gas to reduce remaining Historical Gas Deficiency over a shorter





Spot Price Index. The Spot Price Index shall be determined in accordance with the

provisions of this Section 16:


(a) Weighting of Spot Prices. The Spot Price Index shall be the weighted average of the

Louisiana Spot Price Index, the Oklahoma Spot Price Index and the Canadian Spot

Price Index (as determined below), for the Service Month. The weighting will be

based on the capacity available per Transporter's '260.8 System Flow Diagrams:

Format No. FERC 567 at the following points: Jena Compressor Station, Alden

Compressor Station and Marshfield Compressor Station.


(b) Spot Price Indices - Louisiana and Oklahoma.


(1) Louisiana Spot Price Index. The spot price index for Southeast Receipts shall

be the Louisiana Spot Price Index and will be determined for a week by use of

the published weekly spot prices contained in the following two publications:

(i) Energy Intelligence's Natural Gas Week prices for onshore deliveries to

Transporter of 5,000 MMBtu or more, and (ii) Natural Gas Intelligence's Weekly

Gas Price Index for the onshore deliveries to Transporter. The Louisiana Spot

Price Index for Deficient Quantities will be the highest of the simple weekly

averages of the "ANR spot" prices in the two publications. The Louisiana Spot

Price Index for Excess Quantities will be the lowest of the simple weekly

averages of the "ANR spot" prices in the two publications.