ANR Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2007, Docket: RP04-435-006, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 131.01 Original Sheet No. 131.01 : Effective






(a) Procedures for Postings. Transporter shall establish

Monitoring Points on its system for the purpose of posting

Hydrocarbon Dewpoint limits pursuant to Section 13.3. For

purposes of this Section, "HDP Segment(s)" shall be that

portion of Transporter's System between Monitoring Points

or, for the furthermost upstream Monitoring Points of

Transporter's System, the applicable HDP Segment shall be

the remaining portion of Transporter's upstream system.


(i) HDP Problem(s) - Actual Hydrocarbon Liquid Fallout -

If Transporter experiences hydrocarbon liquid fallout

on Transporter's system, Transporter may post on its

Internet site Hydrocarbon Dewpoint limits (no lower

than 15 degrees F) at the point where the liquid

fallout occurs and then to the receipt points

upstream of that location within the HDP Segment

where the fallout is occurring. If that will not

correct the Hydrocarbon Dewpoint problem, Transporter

shall apply Hydrocarbon Dewpoint limits for each HDP

Segment immediately upstream of the HDP Segment where

the liquid fallout occurs up to the nearest

Monitoring Point that satisfies the Hydrocarbon

Dewpoint limit. Any such Hydrocarbon Dewpoint limit

shall be applied uniformly to all receipt points in

such HDP Segments. Transporter's analysis and

posting of HDP limits shall not skip over any HDP

Segment between the HDP Problem and the furthermost

upstream HDP Segment to which an HDP limit is posted.


(ii) HDP Problem(s) - Anticipated Hydrocarbon Liquid

Fallout - When Transporter anticipates hydrocarbon

liquid fallout under foreseeable operating conditions

on Transporter's System, Transporter may post on its

Internet site, pursuant to the procedures established

in this section below, Hydrocarbon Dewpoint limits

(no lower than 15 degrees F) for the HDP Segment(s)

of Transporter's System required to prevent the

anticipated liquid fallout. Transporter may make a

posting when Transporter's analysis of system

operating factors indicates a need for a limitation.

Such factors may include, but are not limited to,

anticipated processing plant operation, pressure

reduction, flow patterns, flowing gas temperatures,