ANR Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: RP06-613-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 101B Third Revised Sheet No. 101B : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 101B







d. A request for transportation services associated with a storage

service request whose combined term is the same as the storage

service term, and where the MDQ of the request matches, subject

to an initial adjustment for Transporter's Use, the Maximum Daily

Injection Quantity and the Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity,

respectively, of the storage service, shall be a valid request

and shall be administered under the same timeframe in Subsections

2.10(c)(i)-(iv) above as the storage service request regardless

of whether the transportation service would be provided under

multiple contracts for the injection and withdrawal periods.


e. Transporter may grant, on a not unduly-discriminatory basis,

requests for service made outside of the time periods set forth

in Section 2.10(c) above.


f. Transporter is not required to sell multiple year contracts

unless the request is for continuous service at a fixed MDQ

during the contract period (except to the extent the requested

Transportation Service is related to storage in which event

Section 2.10(d) above applies).


g. Nothing in this Section 2.10 shall in any way limit or affect a

Shipper's right, as defined under Section 22.3(b) of these

General Terms and Conditions, to select the term of Agreement

when the Shipper is willing to pay maximum rates to exercise its

ROFR. When a request is made for transportation service that is

associated with third-party storage, such service shall be

available to similarly situated Shippers on the same terms and

conditions as is transportation service associated with

Transporter's storage services.


h. Transporter may conduct an open season to sell capacity that has

been posted on GEMStm as uncontracted-for capacity and such

capacity is not otherwise subject to a pending request for

Transportation Services. If Transporter conducts such an open

season it will post a notice of the open season on GEMStm to

afford all potential Shippers an opportunity to acquire the

capacity. Any award of capacity through an open season is

subject to the requirements for service to commence as set forth

in this Tariff, including Transporter's creditworthiness

requirements. Any potential shipper wishing to purchase the

capacity in an open season may participate in the open season.

Transporter will use nondiscriminatory and objective posting,

bidding and evaluation criteria, which evaluation criteria will

be specified in the notice of open season, along with the details

of what constitutes a valid bid request and details of when the

successful bidder(s), if any, will be identified by posting of a

notice on GEMStm. Once an open season commences, all requests

for service for the capacity available through the open season

will be treated under this open season process.


i. Capacity made available in an open season may include capacity

for service that commences outside of time periods set forth in

Section 2.10(c) above or that includes reduction options under

Section 35 of these General Terms and Conditions. Transporter

shall conduct an open season to sell capacity in the following