ANR Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: RP06-613-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 99A Second Revised Sheet No. 99A : Effective

Superseding: Sub First Revised Sheet No. 99A





2.4 Amendments to Change or Elevate Points.


(a) Unless Transporter and Shipper agree otherwise, a Shipper, or a Replacement

Shipper that has acquired its capacity through a permanent release, or a

Replacement Shipper that has acquired its capacity through a temporary

release effectuated after July 1, 2003, may elect changes to any Primary

Point(s) designated in its Service Agreement. A Shipper shall have these

rights provided that such Shipper (1) is paying maximum rates; (2) is paying

discounted rates, but is willing to pay maximum rates; or (3) has a

provision in its Service Agreement that entitles it to a specified

discounted rate at such changed Primary Point(s); and further provided that

nothing herein shall prohibit such Shipper from requesting to transfer a

discount to the new point when a similarly situated Shipper with a discount

is at such Point(s). If such request is from a Replacement Shipper that

acquired capacity through a temporary release, Transporter shall notify the

Releasing Shipper of the request, and such request shall be subject to the

terms of the release agreement. A Shipper granted a change of Primary

Point(s) pursuant to this section shall relinquish the primary status held

at the pre-change point(s). Furthermore, a Shipper may only restore such

primary status to the pre-changed points by requesting a change pursuant to

provisions of this section.


(b) A Replacement Shipper that has acquired its capacity through a temporary

release, may elect to elevate any Secondary Point(s) designated in its

Service Agreement to Primary Point(s). Any such elevation shall cause a

portion of the MDQ of the Releasing Shipper's contract equal to the MDQ of

the Replacement Shipper's contract, to become a maximum rate contract for

the term of the elevation, but the Replacement Shipper may request to

transfer the Releasing Shipper's discount when a similarly situated Shipper

with a discount is at such Point(s). Any incremental charges associated

with such elevation shall be billed in accordance with Section 21.2(b)(2) of

these General Terms and Conditions.


(c) Shipper shall submit a Request for Service Form updating any information

that has changed from the Request for Service Form submitted for the

existing Agreement. Transporter shall respond to such request within five

(5) Business Days, and shall evaluate any such request on a not unduly

discriminatory basis with, and applying the same standards for evaluating,

any request(s) for new service at such point(s). Transporter shall not be

obligated to agree to any changed or elevated point(s) if such request (1)

would reduce the economic value of the Shipper's Agreement to Transporter,

taking into consideration either: (a) the revenues projected to be received

by Transporter at the existing Point(s) under the Agreement; or (b) any

potential loss of incremental revenues associated with new service

opportunities for which a Request for Service Form is then pending and that

would be precluded if the request were granted, (2) is made pursuant to an

FTS-4 Agreement and would affect Transporter's service obligations under

Rate Schedule FTS-4L, or (3) is made pursuant to an FTS-4L Agreement and

would not be operationally feasible taking into consideration the

availability of firm capacity under Rate Schedule FTS-4.


2.5 Request Validity. Shipper's Request for Service shall be considered null and void

if Transporter has tendered an Agreement for execution to Shipper and Shipper fails

to execute the Agreement within thirty (30) Days thereafter. In determining

whether it is feasible to tender an Agreement, after provision for existing

requirements on Transporter's system, operating constraints and pending requests

for service, Transporter will not tender a firm Agreement which relates to requests

for service for which it does not have sufficient available capacity, or is unable

to reasonably predict the demand requirements at the gate station to perform the

service requested, in the case of service under Rate Schedules NNS and MBS. In

addition Transporter shall not be required to tender an