ANR Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2007, Docket: RP04-435-006, Status: Effective

Eighth Revised Sheet No. 86 Eighth Revised Sheet No. 86 : Effective

Superseding: Seventh Revised Sheet No. 86






1.17 The term "Day" shall mean a period of consecutive hours, beginning at 9:00

a.m., and ending on the following 9:00 a.m.


1.18 The term "DDS Maximum Daily Injection Quantity" shall mean one thirtieth

(1/30) of the Maximum Storage Quantity.


1.19 The term "DDS Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity" shall mean (a) the Working

Storage Gas as of the last Day of the prior Service Month divided by the

number of Days in the current Service Month or, if applicable, (b) the

Working Storage Gas divided by the number of remaining Days in the Service

Month as of the date that Transporter notifies Shipper that it must withdraw

all of its Working Storage Gas within forty-five (45) Days.


1.20 The term "Dekatherm" (or "Dth") shall mean the quantity of heat energy which

is equivalent to one (1) million (1,000,000) BTU; thus the term MDth shall

mean one (1) thousand (1,000) Dth. The conversion factor between Dth and

gigajoule, the standard measure of heat energy in Canada, is 1.055056

gigajoules per Dth. The conversion factor between Dth and gigacalorie, the

standard measure of heat energy in Mexico, is 0.251996 gigacalories per Dth.


1.21 The term "Delivery Point" shall mean either (a) a Headstation, (b) the Point of

Injection/Withdrawal, or (c) a point on Transporter's Pipeline System that

Shipper and Transporter shall agree upon, where Gas exits facilities owned by

Transporter, and is metered.


1.22 The term "Delivery Point MDQ" shall mean the greatest number of Dekatherms

that Transporter is obligated to deliver to or on behalf of Shipper on any

Day at the applicable Primary Delivery Point.


1.23 The term "Delivery Point Operator" shall mean the party that is responsible

for operating the facilities that are immediately downstream of the applicable

Delivery Point.


1.24 The term "Designated Storage Account" shall mean any Agreement pursuant to

Rate Schedule FSS that is designated by the Shipper pursuant to Rate Schedule

NNS, for which quantities are to be allocated under Rate Schedule NNS for

debiting and crediting.


1.24A The term "Hydrocarbon Dewpoint" shall mean cricondentherm, the highest

temperature at which the hydrocarbon vapor-liquid equilibrium may be present.

The Hydrocarbon Dewpoint (cricondentherm) calculations are performed using the

Peng-Robinson equation of state.


1.24B The term "HDP Segment(s)" shall have the meaning as defined in Section 13.3.


1.24C The term "HDP Problem(s)" shall mean actual or anticipated operational

problems on Transporter's system specifically related to actual or anticipated

hydrocarbon liquid fallout.


1.25 The term "Extreme Condition Situation" shall mean that (a) on any portion

of Transporter's Pipeline System throughput approaches capacity, or (b)

weather conditions exist, or (c) operating pressures on an affected portion

of Transporter's Pipeline System are significantly less than or greater

than normal operating pressures, such that Transporter's ability to receive

or deliver quantities of Gas in accordance with its service obligations is